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Societies, Clubs and Study Groups

Ashleyfrom the Cole Memorial Library in Maine
some interesting general information and an ad for Krill Oil

AAAA — Atlanta Area Aquarium Association

ACA — American Cichlid Association Homepage

AKA — American Killifish Association

AFISH - Aquarium Federation of Independent Societies and Hobbyists

AGA — The Aquatic Gardeners Association — Group focuses on planted aquariums

ALA —The American Livebearer Association

ASG — Apistogramma Study Group (ASG) Homepage

BAS — Brooklyn Aquarium Society

BAS — Boston Aquarium Society

Calgary Aquarium Society'

CAFE — Champaign Area Fish Exchange (IL)

Capital Cichlid Association

CCAC — Circle City Aquarium Club (Indianapolis)

COAST - California's Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals

Colorado Aquarium Society

FTFFA — Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association

FAAS - Federation of American Aquarium Societies

GCCA — Greater Chicago Cichlid Association

GCAS — Greater City Aquarium Society (Queens, NY)

Green Bay Aquarium Society

GSAS — Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

GPAS — Greater Portland Aquarium Society (OR)

GCAS — Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

HAAS — Heart of America Aquarium Society (Kansas City)

Hill Country Cichlid Club (Texas)

JSAS — Jersey Shore Aquarium Society

Long Island Aquarium Society

MAS — Milwaukee Aquarium Society

Midwest Cichlid Association

NEC — The Northeast Council — Coalition of several regional clubs

NJAS — North Jersey Aquarium Society

NANFA — North American Native Fishes Association

Raleigh Aquarium Society

Sacramento Aquarium Society

SEASL - Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of St Louis

SFAS — San Francisco Aquarium Society

SWMAS - SouthWestern Michigan Aquarium Society

WAS — Worcester Aquarium Society (MA)

PCCA — Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (San Jose, CA)

PVAS — Potomac Valley Aquarium Society (Wash, DC)

OCA — Ohio Cichlid Association (Cleveland)

RMCA — Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association (Denver)

RSG ? — Rainbowfish Study Group Homepage

SACSG — South American Cichlid Study Group Homepage

Texas Cichlid Association

MAS —Minnesota Aquarium Society Homepage

MCA — Hosts of the 1999 American Cichlid Association Convention in Detroit, MI.

St. Louis Water Garden Society — many MASI members are members, too. For all you pond enthusiasts!

Public Aquariums


U.S. Aquariums

Albuquerque Aquarium (NM)

Aquarium of the Americas (New Orleans)

Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach, CA)

Florida Aquarium (Tampa)

Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta)

Monterey Bay Aquarium (CA)

National Aquarium in Baltimore

New England Aquarium (Boston)

Newport Aquarium (Cincinnati)

New York Aquarium (Brooklyn)

Ocean Journey (Denver)

Oregon Coast Aquarium (Newport)

Seattle Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium (Chicago)

Steinhart Aquarium (San Francisco)

Stephen Birch Aquarium (La Jolla, CA) - Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Tennessee Aquarium (Chattanooga)

Texas State Aquarium (Corpus Christi)

Waikiki Aquarium (HI)

International Aquariums

London Aquarium (UK)

Melbourne Aquarium (Australia)

Sydney Aquarium (Australia)

Vancouver Aquarium (Canada)


Our Sponsors & Companies Which Support MASI

CARES (Conservation Awareness Recognition Encouragement Support)

Kingfish Services


COBALT Aquatics


The Krib - Source for everything Aquarium

PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council)

Project Piaba

The Cichlid Room - by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas — A GREAT Cichlid Page!

The fish database is:

The California Academy of Sciences is offering a database containing about 53,500 described species and subspecies of fish — Name says it all! A wonderful resource for cichlid lovers
– an online community dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of keeping cichlids. Cichlid-Forum actively contributes and promotes cichlid conservation via the Paul V. Loiselle Cichlid Conservation Fund, through the American Cichlid Association.

Brine Shrimp Direct

Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine