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Anyone interested in the keeping and breeding of Tropical and Marine fish or other Aquatic life is encouraged to become a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society (MASI). Our members range from the inexperienced beginner to the advanced aquarist, and new members are always welcome. More Membership information:


MASI meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, at 7:30 PM at the Dorsett Village Baptist Church. (Click here for map and directions.) There is no admission charge, and visitors are always welcome to attend.


Our monthly meetings offer educational programs, films and lectures, question-and-answer sessions, fish show competitions, contests, door prizes, and an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with fellow hobbyist. MASI also holds two major competitive fish shows each year. The Super Bowl Show is held at the October meeting. The Annual Show and Workshop, held in the Spring each year, offers an entire weekend of hobby activities in which our members and members of other aquarium societies from throughout the country participate. MASI also sponsors two fish Auctions each year.


MASI maintains an excellent reference library of books and periodicals pertaining to the aquarium hobby. Members may check out these books and other literature from the Library at monthly meetings. There is no charge for borrowing these books, provided they are returned to the Librarian at the next monthly meeting.


MASI's official Publication, THE DARTER is published six times a year on a bi-monthly basis. Members receive a copy of each issue of THE DARTER by mail. Everyone is encouraged to submit articles to the Editor for publication in THE DARTER. We also participate in an exchange program through which THE DARTER is exchanged with the publications of many other aquarium societies throughout the U.S. and Canada.


1. MASI encourages members to join and be active in other aquarium-related organizations in addition to MASI.

2. There is NO SMOKING at any indoor MASI event.

3. MASI will neither purchase nor supply alcoholic beverages to its members or guests.

4. Accepting and publishing advertising in the Darter or accepting donations from businesses does not constitute an endorsement of said product or company.

5. All opinions expressed in the Darter and any other club publication, including Speakers at meetings, shows, and other special events, are strictly those of the Authors or Speaker. MASI does not endorse any writer or opinion, including those of its Officers, unless they are speaking with the official endorsement of the majority of the Executive Council.

6. All transactions between members, or between members and donors or advertisers, are strictly between those two parties. MASI will not guarantee performance, provide any warranty or refund, or make any payment to settle any dispute between said parties. MASI remains strictly neutral in such disputes.

7. Anyone with outstanding overdue books or videos from the Library, or any other "lost or misplaced" MASI property, must reimburse the Club for said item at the current retail price or with a replacement of equivalent value BEFORE their membership privileges will be renewed at the beginning of the new year.

8. All MASI members will endeavor to conduct themselves in the proper manner, and with the best interest of the club coming before their own personal interest when representing the club in the public eye.

9. Our mailing address:
Missouri Aquarium Society
P O Box 1682
Maryland Heights, MO 63043-1682

Click here to download the official MASI handbook!

A Year In the Life Of Missouri Aquarium Society

MASI Job Descriptions HERE.

The 2017-18 MASI Executive Council includes:

Pat Tosie - President

Debbie Sultan - Vice President

Jack Heller - Treasurer

Secretary - Angela Hellweg

Council At Large

Ed Millenger

Guy Tinker

Tom Corradini

- Swap Meet Chairman

Gary Lange

Committee Chairs

Mike Hellweg - Auction Chair and Horticultural Award Program Chairman

Chuck Bremmer - Darter Editor

Charles Harrison - WebMaster