Saturday - This Saturday - August 23 -
the re-scheduled MASI Picnic at the

Fantastic back yard of the Jokerst family pond!
Let us know if you can attend!

This it a wonderful afternoon of aquatic excellence!

Speaker for August 21st meeting

Success with Shrimp

Matt McGee is a PhD student in Dr. Peter Wainwright’s lab at UC Davis. When he’s not researching
fish biomechanics and genetics, he breeds dwarf freshwater shrimp. Over the last several years, he
has bred several thousand shrimp of various species. In his view, the key to success with shrimp
is to understand their natural behavior and ecology. Matt will explain the basics of shrimpkeeping,
provide an overview of the major species complexes, and explain how to set up an easily maintained and visually striking shrimp aquarium.

The SWAP Meet
was successful for vendors and all involed!

We look forward to another Great Even Bigger Swap Meet next year!

2013 Swap Meet Pictures linked here

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MASI Special Events are held at
the Crowne Plaza Hotel - St. Louis Airport
just south of Hwy 70 on N. Lindbergh


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