PLEASE - IF You'r not-Get Vaccinated!

Our next Monthly Meeting, November 18th
will have a * Rare Fish Auction!

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Member's Fish Room tours :

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Monthly Meeting Place:
Jost Chemical building at 8195 Lackland Rd.
St. Louis 63114 | See Map

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Next General Meeting, Nov. 18
will be at the Jost Chemical at 7:30 PM
Our next Auction :
Nov. 7, 2021
*The Location Information HERE.
Cafe Press is a Great place to get MASI stuff
T-shirts, Coffee mugs and all kinds of Logo stuff.
The next Council Meeting on Zoom,
Thursday, Nov. 25
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All Regular Monthly
Meetings will be at
Jost Chemical
8195 Lackland Rd. 63114

MASI Special Events are held at
the Airport Holliday Inn
just west on Hwy 70 from Hwy 270


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