MASI Winter Auction!

February 8, 2015 - Starts at 11:00 AM!
Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Louis Airport
11228 Lone Eagle Dr., St. Louis, MO 63044

Sellers can sell up to 18 items, plus two donation items that will go towards a banquet ticket at our Annual Award Banquet.
You can now sell up to FOUR items with a minimum bid in the silent auction

 Information & Seller Registration:

 For complete rules, seller’s sheet and label maker click the “Auction Forms” link in the box to the left. 

Buyers can find hundreds of lots of: Locally Raised Freshwater Tropical Fish (cichlids, angels, livebearers, community fish, catfish, plecos and MORE!), Goldfish, Aquatic Plants, Aquarium and Pond Supplies, Books and magazines, Aquarium and Pond Equipment, Tanks, Live Foods and MORE! 


75 gallon tank, top and light will be raffled at 4:00 pm.  MUST be present to win.  Thanks to Tropical World Pets on Watson Road for supplying this tank.   

The 2014 SWAP Meet
was wow of a success for vendors and all involed!

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MASI Special Events are held at
the Crowne Plaza Hotel - St. Louis Airport
just south of Hwy 70 on N. Lindbergh


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Winter Auction
Feb. 8th

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The next council meeting, the January one one.
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Jan. 31
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