1 Fishy Resume

Richard ‘Rit’Forcier

Rit has kept tropical fish since age 10 and currently maintains 50 aquariums.

He is a member of Aqua Land Aquarium Society, Bristol, CT, joining the group in 1982  and was its President in 1986. He currently serves on the Board of Directors.

He is a member of the Exotic Fish Society of Hartford, and was its President in 1985.

Rit is Co-founder and first Chairman of the Northeast Livebearer Association, and serves as the current Treasurer.

He is a member of the American Livebearers Association (ALA), joining over 12 years ago, and was elected to the ALA Board of Directors in September of 2002. He became Vice Chairman in April of 2003 and was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in October of 2003.  Rit  retired as Chairman in 2009, but still remains on the Board of Directors.

He was honored by Aqua-land in December of 1999 with honorary lifetime membership for his  “sincere dedication and generous support”.

Honorary member of the Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society (MA).

   Rit is the 2006 recipient of the prestigious Betty Mueller Award, given annually for lifetime achievement by the Northeast Council of Aquatic Societies, and was cited for his contributions to the hobby.

   He earned  Breeder status of the Northeast Council in 1990, and Master Breeder in 1999.

In real life a computer consultant. He travels to businesses to teach programmers to write computer programs.

Has also been the main speaker for:

   Canton (CT) Park and Recreation evening education programs.

    John J. Jennings Elementary School gifted Program and Fourth Grade Assembly.

   Three different Tropical Fish clubs in Scotland in April of 1998.

   The Bristol (England) Tropical Fish Society in April of 2005.

    Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society, January 1999,  Feb ‘03, March ‘03, Oct. ‘04, November 2008.

    Aqualand Aquatic Society in Feb 1999, Nov. 2000,  Jan and Nov. 2003, and Feb. ‘04, Feb 07

    Danbury Area Aquatic Society in April of 1999, October, 2002, and Sept. 2005, March 2007

    Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island in January, 2000, and Nov 2004

    Norwalk (CT)Aquarium Society in February, 2000, and November, 2003, April 2008

    Boston Aquarium Society in May, 2000

    Monadnock Valley (NH) Aquarium Society, March 2001, Jan, 2003

   New Hampshire Aquarium Society in April of 2004.

   Nassau County (NY) Aquarium Society  in March ‘05, and October 07.

   Potomac Valley Fall Weekend, October 2005

   Greater City (NY) Aquarium Society in October, 2005

   Minnesota AS, January, 06           

   Aquarium Club of Lancaster County (PA) January, 2006, February, 2010

   Long Island Aquarium Society, March, 2006

   Bucks County (PA) September, 2006

   Missouri Aquarium Society, September, 2006

   The American Livebearer Association Annual Convention, Canton OH, April 2004 and April 2008.