M.A.S.I. LibraryPolicy

Revised May 18, 1991

By an act of the M.A.S.I. Executive Council

Bob Reich, President

  1. Title and author of the book wanted for check out is to be given to the Librarian and the book will be brought to the next General Meeting.  There will be an up-to-date catalog of books available to the membership at all General Meetings.  Magazines will be available at all General Meetings.
  2. Books may be withdrawn by members in good-standing only.
  3. The Library will be open and books may be returned and/or borrowed out prior to and after the General Meetings. Our current Library
  4. Books are to be returned at the next General Meeting following the Meeting at which they were withdrawn.
  5. A deposit of $1.00 for periodicals and pamphlets and $5.00 for books and videos is required at the time of borrowing, to be refunded when the item is returned on time. 
  6. A fine of $1.00 will be charged for all late periodicals and pamphlets.  A fine of $1.00 for one month late, $2.00 for two months late, and $5.00 for 3 or more months late shall be charged for all overdue books and videos.
  7. The Librarian will send notices to or call all members who have books out for two or more months asking them to return them at or before the next General Meeting.
  8. The Librarian shall deposit all funds in excess of $75.00 with the Treasurer at the end of each General Meeting.
  9. The Librarian may appoint an assistant to bring more books to the General Meeting.  This is to increase the amount of material available at each meeting without increasing the workload on any one individual.
  10. A sheet on proper care of Library books will be given to each member borrowing out a book.
  11. A “Reference Book” section will be brought to each General Meeting and will be made available to the membership and Bowl Show judges as needed.  These books will not be circulated through the Lending Library.  A second copy of a Reference Book, when available and deemed necessary, will be made available for circulation and borrowing out.  The designation as “Reference” will be arbitrary, and, at the discretion of the Librarian and/or the Executive Council.
  12. In the event of lost or damaged books or videos, the person responsible shall be liable to the extent of the replacement cost of the book or video.  Failure to make restitution shall be grounds for dismissal from the club until such time as said restitution is made. 


M.A.S.I. Library Policy Review Committee