Aquarium Hobby Days 2024

Saturday April 20th
Sunday April 21st
Intermediate Speakers
Mike Hellweg 9:30 to 10 AM
Hortaculture Award Program

Anthony Mazeroll 10 to 11 AM
Amazon Research Center

Dennis Wong 11 - Noon
(The 2 Hour Aquarist)
Planted Aquariums in depth

Around 50 tables of fish and hobby goods by great vendors and breeders from all over the midwest. e-mail to register

500+ item Auction and Silent Auction.
Fish, plants, equipment, decor, foods and more.

Seller Check in by 10 AM
Auction Starts at 11 AM

Sellers must register prior to auction date. Members can register on March 30th at 12:01 AM. Non-members may register beginning April 6th at 12:01 AM

Beginner Speakers

1PM * Chuck Bremer - Baby Brine Shrimp
1:30 * Bob Watson - Outdoor Tubs
2 PM * Andrej Spec - Beginner Plants
2:30 * Micah Issitt -

Surpervised Kids Corner, and an Open Bowl Show
Lunch provided by Shine On BBQ 11 to 1PM
& More
No Door fee! Free Buyers Number
Pizza, drinks and snacks on site