Greg Sage Bio and Program

Greg Sage MEd., has been keeping fishrooms of various sizes for 45 years, always with an emphasis on Livebearers. As an IFGA Guppy breeder for a number of years, the clean and organized practices required was well suited to the wild Swordtails and Goodeids that have come into the hobby over the past 25 years. Select Aquatics was begun in 2009 to study, maintain and breed many of these rare species, and distribute them out into the hobby. Home countries are now restricting export, and many of these species are disappearing, both in the wild and in the hobby. Greg writes customers daily with fishkeeping issues, and has documented and posted much of what has been learned at the website. He resides in Colorado with his patient wife, Laura, and Ripley, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. 

 Livebearers: No Longer Child's Play

An effort to identify and categorize most of the livebearers in today's hobby, this talk opens briefly with the strains of Guppies, Mollies, Platies and swords with which we are all familiar. 

After looking at their wild forms, this leads to the livebearers seen in the greater hobby today as either Goodeids, Poeciliids, Wild Swords, Oddballs and UBDFs (Ugly brown ditch fish- some that are rare and most in need of conservation), all available to the hobbyist. Each category shows many, if not most of the fish the hobbyist may encounter at a convention, club meeting or auction.

Pictures and videos including wild Swordtails and Goodeids are throughout the talk with some discussion of care needs and information needed to care for these fish.