Hi from Rolla -

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Hi from Rolla -

Postby walklong » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:19 am

Falling back into aquaria - having a blast. Kept tanks, mainly 10 or 20 gal as a decor item off and on for years. Earlier this summer, while doing some work on swimming pools in the Rolla area, I rescued a 1¼" ish red eared slider from the skimmer of death. Turtle was dazed and confused (saw a lot of myself there) and, rather than turn it loose to become a heron hors d'oeuvres or bass snack, I hauled it home and tried to make it comfy in a 10 gallon tank we had in storage. That was early June. I'm now hunting a 75 or 90 to move her (turtle is now named Sundae, and is suspected of being a girl) into (she's the queen of a 29T right now). I collected some minnows, some orange throats, a fantail, a sculpin and several golden crayfish to keep her company. (In these past few weeks, her 'hostessing' skills have degraded severely: she's become adept at eating the guests.)

So, now I'm up to my gills with the 29T holding a couple crays, five or six (last count) shiners, a couple snails and the turtle; a 20L holding the rescued darters, etc. and the 10 G which is holding some red wag platies and two mickey mouse platies. (The original intent was a 'fry factory' for the darter's benefit). And, as mentioned, searching for the 75/90 to move the turtle into.

Having a blast and learning/re-learning a lot! Hope to make some friends here, help where I can (pretty good with plumbing/filters; electrical and controls; very good with water quality) and explore more of Missouri's native goodies.
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