Whos comming, lets get this rocking!!!!

American Livebearer Association Convention to be held in St Louis 2014

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Whos comming, lets get this rocking!!!!

Postby hca75 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:05 pm

Ok, we are at Tee minus 16 days till ALA here in Saint Louis....lets get a head count on who is gonna make it, you all know the speakers, you all know there are going to be some really cool RARE fish there, like the type you CANT get here in the USA or havent been here for a very long time, theres gonnabe some really cool vendors there,,,,hell guys this is like once in a life time deal,,,,,,,,,,,,its in our back yard this year and you dont have to go across the country to make it,,,,,,,so who comming..............lets get this rocking and get some chatter going on.......lets talk this up and make this one for the records and one that everyone talks about for yrs to come........whos with me on this.I know im jazzed up.XMAS in MAY..........

PS, this is Kevin :)
Holly and Kevin
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