Brine Shrimp Egg Prices

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Brine Shrimp Egg Prices

Postby MikeH » Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:43 pm

Hello all,

I had a chance to visit both the Great Salt Lake and Brine Shrimp Direct while I was in Salt Lake City a couple weeks ago. The brine shrimp harvest should be starting in the next couple weeks. The lake level is very low due to the drought the past couple years, and there are not many shrimp visible in the lake. In years' past when I visited the lake, there were so many shrimp you could swirl a net in the water and come up with a baseball sized lump of shrimp in just a few seconds. Now, you would get just a small group. In some places, we could see no shrimp at all.

What all this means is that egg prices are likely to go up soon. They've already gone up in just the past couple weeks. So if you want eggs for the coming year, I'd suggest ordering them ASAP. MASI members get a discount from Brine Shrimp Direct. If you follow the link in the Darter, you should be able to go right to their site.

Maybe the club would want to do a group buy? If so, we better do it quickly.

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